Resources to Access and Share 

Resources to Access and Share 

Assistive Technology Therapy

Thanks to Travis Slopek, MS, NCC, CRC, Cognitive Rehabilitation Specialist, you can now learn about Assistive Technology and how it can be used.

 View Increasing Independence Through Assistive Technology


Increase your budgeting skills by learning simple ways to set financial goals, save money and stay organized by using assistive apps.

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BIAA Presentation: Recreation and Social Opportunities Resource List

On June 16th CoBI President and former ReMed CEO (and current Board Executive), Joanne Finegan presented “Recreation and Social Opportunities After Brain Injury” as part of the Brain Injury Association of America’s Carolyn Rocchio Caregivers Webinar series.

 View Recreation and Social Opportunities Resource List

Expressive Poetry

Thanks to Kelly Hugendubler you can indulge in some expressive poetry. Kelly shared her presentation for you to use as a resource to help you express your most creative self. 

 View Expressive Poetry PDF

We are currently accepting any/all poems inspired by this session to be publicly shared on our website/social media pages.

All Totally Brave Individuals are welcome to submit their work to Marlene Rivera.

John Savelloni Memorial -  All Ability Golf Clinic

Golf Pro Doug Hendricks demonstrates the keys to great putting for a virtual audience. Doug shows how his simple tips can significantly improve your putting game. 

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Personal Mission Statement Generator

Creating a Personal Mission Statement provides a backdrop for the action sequence we later incorporate into our weekly schedules. Generate your Personal Mission Statement using the link below.


Personal Mission Statement Generator

We welcome all submissions for those who are interested in sharing how they made out using this resource.

Submissions can be sent to Marlene Rivera.

Self-Concept Workshop

Enhancing your self-concept will enhance your ability to compete in the world and achieve

success. You also gain the added benefit of feeling good about yourself and your life. A

self-concept can either be limiting or uplifting

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Click for Self-Concept Makeover Worksheet

Click for Self-Concept Mirror Card

Once you complete your "Actionable List" Makeover, you can share with

Akita at

Tai Chi with Dr. Barry Silverman

Tai Chi instructor, Dr. Barry Silverman, takes us through a meditative experience, as we explore this internal Chinese martial art. 


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TBI and Faith

TBI and Faith resources that were shared at ReDiscoverU Discussion about TBI and Faith.


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